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[dir] Enigma1-2 158.5 MB 2013-Sep-09
[dir] Nemesis Image 2.3 095r6 233.1 MB 2011-Nov-04
[dir] Nemesis Image 2.4 101r1 246.0 MB 2012-Feb-14
[dir] Nemesis Image 2.5 104r4 255.2 MB 2012-Mar-27
[dir] SecondStage-DreamUP 2.5 MB 2012-Feb-18
[zip] Nemesis2.6-dm500hd-e2-OE(1.6)-SVN(107r5).zip 44.4 MB 2012-Mar-29
[zip] Nemesis2.6-dm800-e2-OE(1.6)-SVN(107r5).zip 44.6 MB 2012-Mar-29
[zip] Nemesis2.6-dm800se-e2-OE(1.6)-SVN(107r5).zip 44.5 MB 2012-Mar-29
[zip] Nemesis2.6-dm7020hd-e2-OE(1.6)-SVN(107r5).zip 52.0 MB 2012-Mar-29
[zip] Nemesis2.6-dm8000-e2-OE(1.6)-SVN(107r5).zip 52.6 MB 2012-Mar-29
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Versione Italiana

NEMESIS 2.6 110 Dual Enigma On-Line, 111 Next

Nemesis 2.6 111r0 (Next)
Updated 06.11.2012-20:00


Nemesis 2.6 110r0 (On-Line)
Updated 25.07.2012-17:00

  • All updates until 109r0 are included
  • Fix Mediaset EPG
  • Fix small bug on Enigma2


Nemesis 2.6 109r0
Updated 14.07.2012-15:00

  • All updates until 108r4 are included
  • Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 20120706 500hd, 800se, 7020hd e 8000
  • Update to Enigma2 3.2.3 (20120706)
  • Fix Fox+1 and Nuvolari channels for EPG download via green panel
  • Update plugin CrossEPG
  • Fix CrossEPG sky-it provider
  • Update enigma2-plugins


Nemesis 2.6 108r4
Updated 07.05.2012-09:00

  • All updates until 107r5 are included
  • Update PCSC-Lite to 1.8.3
  • Update ccid to 1.4.6
  • Update kernel to InitramFS 3.0 for all machines (thanks @OoZooN and gutemine)
  • Fix download EPG via Green Panel
  • Update plugin CrossEPG
  • Fix occasional crash on Skin Selector
  • Small fixes on Skin Black
  • Added check if you are on developer mode on Blue Panel
  • Improve scripts Remove Picon and Remove Epg files
  • Fix remove OpenVPN log
  • Updated enigma2-plugins


Nemesis 2.6 107r5
Updated 29.03.2012-13:00

  • All updates until 105r4 are included
  • Rewrite device info panel, now are also displayed the network devices
  • Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 20120328 fot 800se
  • Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 20120322 for 500hd, 7020hd and 8000
  • Update Enigma2 to 3.2.2 (20120327)
  • Move to 2.6 version
  • Added possibility to disable HDD as a device for epg.dat, swap files and skins
  • Added possibility to remove HDD on Picon search path
  • Update CrossEPG to use new Autodiscover EPG (Only for Nemesis Images)
  • Update Bootlogo for version 2.6 (thanks @XPlanet)
  • Replaced the eXcort Lux default skin, with the new Nemesis Black Skin by mmark (thanks @mmark & Stardust)
  • Added possibility to enable/disable Pig Widget on Skin
  • Blue->Yellow->Setup Skin->Enable Pig Widget on skin
  • Added developer mode for skinner (Thank's @skaman)
  • Added Suppprt for Skins on external device
  • Now you can install skin on, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices
    (At the moment 0nly skins without Python code modification)
  • Added Autodiscover Picon
  • Discover on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
  • Added Autodiscover swap file
  • Discover on: USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices
  • Added Autodiscover epg.dat file
  • Discover on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
  • Added device selection for Picon installation
  • You can install Picon on: Flash, USB/CF/HDD/eSATA devices and Network Mountpoint
  • Removed Picon Provider, System e Satellite from image
    Now you can install it from Blue Panel->Addons
  • Updated italian CVS translation using german locale as reference (Thank's @blu8)
  • Updated Nemesis Panel italian translation(Thank's @blu8)
  • Updated full german locale translation (thanks @bigstar2005)
  • Updated enigma2-plugins


Nemesis 2.5 105r4
Updated 23.02.2012-13:30

  • All updates until 104r4 are included
  • Update Kernel
  • Added full german locale translation (thanks @bigstar2005)
  • Added time syncronization via Internet at dreambox boot (OpenVPN improvement)
  • Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 20120216 for all machines
  • Update to InitramFS 2.5 for all machines (thanks @gutemine)
  • Update dreambox-secondstage to 86r0 for dm7020hd
  • Fix crash on manual scan on mode 2
  • Fix enable swap file on reboot
  • Fix load EPG from backup on reboot
  • Fix hang on addons panel on dm800
  • Fix bug on HDD Manager, now network share as hdd replacement is correctly mounted
  • Add preview for Picon and Boologo
  • Small fix on Addons Panel
  • Update enigma2-plugins


Nemesis 2.5 Release 104r4
Updated 14.02.2012-17:30

  • All updates until 103r5 are included
  • Update to InitramFS 2.4, for all Machines (thanks @gutemine)
  • Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 20120213 for all machines
  • Update dreambox-secondstage to 85r0 for dm7020hd
  • Update Enigma2 to 3.2.2 (20120214)
  • Update Kernel
  • Full support for USB-DTT in both mode 1 and 2
  • You can now choose between 3 different Extended InfoBar (Lite, Medium or Full)
  • Blue->Yellow->Setup Extended InfoBar OSD->Choice Extended InfoBar type
  • Code optimization on Blue Panel
  • Code optimization on Addons Panel
  • Update enigma2-plugins


Release 103r5 (Private Release)
Updated 03.02.2012-14:00

  • All updates until 102r8 are included
  • Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 20120202 for all machines
  • Update Bootlogo for version 2.5 (thanks @XPlanet)
  • Replaced the old default skin, with the new eXcort luX (thanks @mmark & Stardust)
  • Code optimization on Blue Panel
  • Move to 2.5 version
  • Update enigma2-plugins


Release 102r8 (Private Release)

  • All updates until 101r1 are included
  • Update bootlogo
  • Add skin Preview on Addons Panel
  • Update CrossEPG
  • Update to InitramFS 2.2, for all Machines (thanks @gutemine)
  • Update Kernel (add EFI/GPT partition recognition support, enable large block device support)
  • Update PCSC-Lite to 1.8.2
  • Update gst-plugin-good (raise dts, ac3 and aac parse elements' ranks)
  • Update libpagecache (fix occasional program aborts/crashes (e.g. on e2 recording stop))
  • Downgrade plugin bitrateviewer, now work in both mode 1 and 2
  • Update to Webinterface 1.7.1
  • Change Green Button text "Initialize" to "Manage" on HDD Manager Screen
  • Fix Automatic download on StayUp plugin
  • Fix crash on HDD Manager
  • Fix crash on EPG Info Screen when plugin EasyInfo is installed
  • Fix some Italian translation
  • Update enigma2-plugins


Release 101r1

  • All updates until 100r8 are included
  • Fixed EPG data loss at the transition between Enigma2 modes
  • Removed unused entry(Backup EPG, Save EPG) on Green Panel in Mode 1
  • Fix CrossEPG on Mode 1 (Enigma2 3.2) on dm7020hd
  • Add possibility to choice demux for CrossEPG
  • Blue->Yellow->EPG Configuration->CrossEPG demux
  • Small fix on default Skin


Release 100r8 (Private Release)

  • All updates until 099r1 are included
  • Update radio.mvi screen logo
  • Add enable/disable deepstandby function on front power button long press
  • Blue->Yellow->Setup Console/RC/Enigma->Enable deepstandby on front power button long press
  • Add new choice "do nothing" on RC 'Action on long powerbutton press'
  • Add Unwanted Reboot Manager
  • Blue->Yellow->Setup Console/RC/Enigma->Go to standby after (unwanted) reboot
  • Update skin default
  • Replace HD-Glass-15 skin to old skin default
  • Fix HDD info on Device Status Panel
  • Update Plugin StayUP, Fix load epg on Mode 1
  • Fix Mode 2 on dm7020hd now enigma run in both mode 1 & 2
  • Load EPG in a cache without restart Enigma2 on E2 3.2.1 (Thank's Dr.Best)
  • No plugin epgloader need!!!! Plese do not install it!!!!
    If you have epgloader plugin in your box, please remove it, before upgrade
  • Update Linux Kernel (Small fix)
  • Update bootlogo
  • Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 2011109 dm500hd, 800, 800se, 8000
  • Update dreambox-dvb-modules to 2011121 dm7020hd
  • Update Mode 1 enigma2 to 3.2.1
  • Partially rewrited Green Panel (Epg Control Center)
  • Fix crash on Mode 2 on System Info (Yellow and Blue Button)
  • Fix crash on Mode 2 using new setting created by Blindscan (I hope :))
  • Fix loading kernel module for rt3070 based WIFI Adapter
  • Fix skin to support new Harddisk Manager
  • Update Italian translation
  • Update enigma2-plugins
After updating, and reboot, you do mount HDD with new Harddisk Manager!
  • Menu->Setup->System->Harddisk


Release 099r1

  • All updates until 098r6 are included
  • Update bootlogo
  • Fix crash on Timer function
  • Update LED Manager plugin to 0.2
  • Re-add epgblacklist on Enigma Experimental (Mode 2)
  • Update enigma2-plugins


Release 098r6

  • All updates until 095r6 are included
  • Move to 2.4 version
  • Changed bootlogo
  • Update dm7020hd dreambox-dvb-modules (20111102)
  • Add LED Manager plugin
  • Add full new Enigma 3.2 features (Only Using Mode 1)
  • Update enigma2-plugins
  • Update CrossEPG (Now you do download Rytec Provider)

You can run this image in two mode:

Mode 1: Enigma2 3.2

  • Blindscan Support (Tuner: BCM4505, BCM4506, Alps BSBE1 C01A/D01A)
  • Limited CrossEPG patch
  • No LCN Scanner patch
  • Full Enigma2 3.2 features

Mode 2: Enigma2 Experimental

  • No Blindscan Support
  • Full CrossEPG patch
  • LCN Scanner patch
  • More Enigma2 binary patch
After flashing, the image start in Mode 1: Enigma2 3.2
If you want change Mode, you can choose enigma2 to run via Blue Panel:
  • Blue->Yellow->Configure Console/RC/Enigma->Select Enigma Version
  • Restart Enigma2


Release 095r6 (Latest 2.3 Version)

  • Update to InitramFS 1.8, for all Machines (thanks @gutemine)
  • Fix some italian translation
  • Update Lithuanian Language (Thanks @adga)
  • Update sqlite to (dm7020hd)
  • Update CCID to 1.4.5
  • Update CrossEPG
  • Update CrossEPG (mpepg.conf) for Mediaset (Thanks @pappa)
  • Add MerlinEPGCenter plugin on Extension
  • Add New RC config (Enigma Key Green Swap)
  • Green Key Press = subchannel
    Green Key Press >1s = EPG Manager
    Blu->Yellow->Setup Console/RC to choice RC Map.
  • Update enigma2
  • Update enigma2-plugins


Update to new release Instruction

This Update work only if you have a Nemesis svn >= 098r6!!!!

If you have a SVN version < 092, or SSL < 84, follow this:

  • Flash SecondStage Loader 84-r0 (nfi version)
  • Reboot
  • Flash Image SVN 104r4
  • Reboot

If you have a SVN version >= 092, or SSL = 84
  • You can directly flash a new 104r4